Liz Vice

There’s A Light

“There’s a Light” is Liz Vice’s debut album, and we here at Deeper Well could not be more excited about it if we tried (trust us, we tried, couldn’t get more excited)! Recorded almost entirely live to analog tape over the spring & summer of 2013 in Portland, OR, this album is a gospel-fueled nod to the R&B / soul records of the 60′s and 70′s – modern enough not to be “throw back”, but classically influenced enough to feel timeless.


Liz Vice’s bio:

“When I was a kid I would go into the basement and play the “Lion King” soundtrack over and over while I performed a dance. Alone. For hours. Being the middle child of five children in a single parent home allows for one to vanish in times of hardship. I wanted to perform. I wanted to be an actress. Being poor and being brown didn’t lend itself to a lot of opportunities to pursue the dream of acting.

My family and I are from Los Angeles, although I would claim to be a Portlander, since I’ve been here since I was four-years-old. My mom has been through a lot. That’s book or film in and of itself. I remember waking up to the sound of her singing “Rise and Shine and give God the glory”. To this day it kind of drives me crazy. All this to say, I have always been surrounded by music. I didn’t grow up with my dad, and he wasn’t a part of my life at all – and isn’t, even to this day – but he is a talented musician. PhD in music and is still involved to the business. Maybe genes are a factor in the gift of music.

But music – music was never something I prayed that God would open doors for me. I was always afraid to sing on stage, and to this day my throat feels as though it’s caving in until I pray the simple prayer: “LORD, sing over me and I will sing over the people.”

One evening I was watching a man perform a cabaret of his favorite broadway show tunes. I went with a young woman that I have unofficially adopted as my little sister. As I sat and watched this man perform, I was hit with an image of me sitting in a classroom. The classroom was filled with students and God was standing at the front. He asked, “Who is up for the challenge?” All of the students raised their hands. I kept my hand down, and my head bowed. I didn’t want Him to notice that I had decided that whatever He was asking wasn’t my calling. The LORD slowly began to walk towards me and tapped on my desk. I look up and He asked again, “Are you up for the challenge?” I sat there and then I nodded yes. Who is going to tell God ‘no’?

So here I am, singing. Singing in church, singing with local rock stars, and even though I can’t claim that the opportunities in music are because of what I’ve done, I will declare that saying “yes” will open your eyes to reasons for why you shouldn’t put yourself in a box.”