Benjamin Krogh

Beck & Call

A native of Northeastern Wisconsin, Benjamin Krogh composes stories within songs that allow listeners to place themselves within the narratives he constructs. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, he has spent the last decade focused on translating life experiences into his songwriting, resulting in a span of work that is both accessible and mysterious; simple yet layered with complexities.

That has never been more apparent than on his latest effort, Beck and Call, released on Deeper Well Records in November 2018. The album is full of journeys and strangers, questions and longings of the soul. The songs paint pictures of life in the midst of seeking greater truths, as well as moments of love found in quiet places. The album draws on years of musical influences, from Damien Jurado to Tom Petty to The War on Drugs, resulting in an honest and approachable sound. Beck and Call was recorded at Bungalow 9 Studio in SE Portland, and Produced by Evan Way (The Parson Red Heads).