Nick Smith – “King of Glory”

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Ben Krogh – “Better Than I Do”

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Deeper Well: Volume II – available next month!

Over the course of two cold fall nights, some members of the Deeper Well family gathered together at a 1920’s church building in NE Portland to record a brand new compilation album. Tracked and mixed entirely live on an early 80’s 4-track cassette recorder, Volume II is a hushed and intimate worship record that showcases 6 beautiful new original songs, plus 4 covers, ranging from Holly Ann’s sparse and haunting “Breather of the Stars”, Nick Smith’s soulful “King of Glory”, to Wesley Randolph Eader’s spirited take on the classic country-hymn “Leave It There”. We hope this compilation gives listeners a picture of what Deeper Well has been up to, and a taste ofwhat is to come in the next year of releases.

Track list:
1. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” – Nick Smith
2. “Giver of Life” – Evan Thomas Way
3. “Breather of the Stars” – Holly Ann
4. “Suffering Servant” – Wesley Randolph Eader
5. “This is My Father’s World” – Benjamin Krogh
6. “King of Glory” – Nick Smith
7.”The Invitation” – Holly Ann
8. “Remind Me, Oh God” – Evan Thomas Way
9. “Better Than I Do” – Benjamin Krogh
10. “Leave It There” – Wesley Randolph Eader

Volume II will be out in early December, available on Noisetrade / Bandcamp / iTunes, as well as on CD. 

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Cory Dauber – “Turn into a Mountain”

So happy to announce that the newest Deeper Well album is finished and released! It is entitled “Turn into a Mountain”, by Cory Dauber. It turned out so well, and we can’t wait for you to hear it. Go over to the releases section to check it out! And stay tuned for some live show announcements.

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Liz Vice: live at Hawthorne Theater


Here is a great video taken at Liz’s recent show at the Hawthorne Theater as part of the MUSA┬áSoul Festival!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.09.29 AM

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