Deeper Well

Deeper Well: A Gospel Collective

Deeper Well was formed in 2012 as a collective for followers of Jesus who want to use their creative gifts to explore the depths of the Gospel.

Our goal as a collective is to help creatives and artists navigate the tension so often found between the world of art and the world of Jesus – for art by its very nature is self-expression, while Jesus by His very nature is self-denial. What we need is a drive for creativity that is not motivated by the desire to be known, but by the desire to make Jesus known. It is a need for Christ-expression, for the rise of the prophetic voice. We must remember that the ancient Hebrew prophets were poets – their words were inspired by God, and drew the people back to God. It was artisans gifted by God who used their creativity to build a sacred space where God’s presence would be experienced. We believe that this kind of expression is needed desperately in these difficult days. Our desire is to provide creative work that flows from a deep understanding of the gospel and that is available for the church as a whole.

Recognizing that the gospel flows out of God’s generosity toward us in Jesus, every work that Deeper Well produces will be offered as a free gift. Jesus said, “If the Son of Man is lifted up He will draw all people unto Himself.” Our prayer is that these creative offerings will lift up Jesus and draw you close to Him.