Deeper Well: Volume II – available next month!

Over the course of two cold fall nights, some members of the Deeper Well family gathered together at a 1920’s church building in NE Portland to record a brand new compilation album. Tracked and mixed entirely live on an early 80’s 4-track cassette recorder, Volume II is a hushed and intimate worship record that showcases 6 beautiful new original songs, plus 4 covers, ranging from Holly Ann’s sparse and haunting “Breather of the Stars”, Nick Smith’s soulful “King of Glory”, to Wesley Randolph Eader’s spirited take on the classic country-hymn “Leave It There”. We hope this compilation gives listeners a picture of what Deeper Well has been up to, and a taste ofwhat is to come in the next year of releases.

Track list:
1. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” – Nick Smith
2. “Giver of Life” – Evan Thomas Way
3. “Breather of the Stars” – Holly Ann
4. “Suffering Servant” – Wesley Randolph Eader
5. “This is My Father’s World” – Benjamin Krogh
6. “King of Glory” – Nick Smith
7.”The Invitation” – Holly Ann
8. “Remind Me, Oh God” – Evan Thomas Way
9. “Better Than I Do” – Benjamin Krogh
10. “Leave It There” – Wesley Randolph Eader

Volume II will be out in early December, available on Noisetrade / Bandcamp / iTunes, as well as on CD. 

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