Happy Tuesday, new release!

Hey, folks!

We are happy to announce a new release for the Deeper Well Gospel Collective – meet Zach La Liberte, and enjoy his new album “The Tide”. It is a beautiful instrumental record, ala Album Leaf / Explosions in the Sky / Sigur Ros – it’s been playing in our offices for months now! So we really hope you enjoy it. You can read more about Zach in our Artists section, and hear + download the album in our Releases section.

Future news – next month we will be releasing our next album, called Pilgrim! This album is the newest project from The Followers / Telecast mastermind Josh White, and you won’t believe the new direction he has gone in! We will be releasing some sort of sample or single in the next week or so – keep your eyes and ears peeled for that, you won’t be sorry!

Also, we begin recording the summer release this month, an album by Liz Vice. She is the owner of the soulful voice you hear at various times on The Followers’ “Wounded Healer” album – so you can imagine the 70’s soul / funk goodness that is going to happen. For a sample, check out the video for “Empty Me Out” on our videos page.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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