Happy Monday – new release!


Greetings from (currently snowy) Portland –

Well, it’s that time again: we have a new album for you! This one is a compilation, featuring songs from various songwriters – ranging from Josh Garrels, to Josh White, to Evan Way, to Holly Ann … and so on and so on. Really excited for you all to hear it, it turned out beautifully! 11 songs and 8 different songwriters.

As always, we are happy to say that it is available as a free gift to you (donations are welcome if you choose, but certainly not expected or required!). Head over to the Releases page and you can find the new album, just entitled Deeper Well. Or you can go directly to it’s Noisetrade page by going to www.noisetrade.com/deeperwell

Thanks much, have a beautiful Monday!

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Welcome to Deeper Well’s official website!


We here at the Deeper Well Gospel Collective are so excited to welcome you to our brand-spankin’ new website. Here you can find information on what we’re all about, our artists, our releases, and even check out videos of some of our artists performing their tunes!

We truly hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions about anything – seriously, anything – drop us a line!

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